Saturday, January 30, 2010

Practice Practice Practice

"The secret is in the dirt." I can't remember who said that. It sounds Trevino-ish, but I think it was probably Hogan. The meaning is that while thinking, reading and studying about golf can all be valuable, time spent performing the act--actually hitting golf shots--is where the answers can be truly found. I think there is truth to that, and I'm spending a lot of time searching for that secret.

The good news for me is that I love to practice. It's not really labor to me. Right now, it's frustrating because I feel like the "secret" is very elusive, but I know that golf, like a lot of things in life, is cyclical, and I feel like if I keep digging in the dirt, I'm going to find that secret again.

I'm very pleased with the short game practice I've been having. I feel like my chipping and my putting are very good and improving daily. My ball-striking is where I'm struggling. It seems that a swing thought that works one day feels entirely different the next right now. I play my best golf when I'm not thinking at all, and right now my mind is riddled with a multitude of thoughts. I'm not discouraged, though. I've got over two weeks before the Tarheel Tour kicks off on Hilton Head Island, SC, and I've got a lot of dirt that I can explore between now and then. And I enjoy the challenge.

Special note: Anyone have any contacts on Hilton Head that I could potentially use to find housing?

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