Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Overdue Update

I'm sorry that I haven't been on here with an update anytime recently. I have been enjoying myself with some relaxing times but also doing a lot of things to prepare for a successful year in 2011. Between my last post and today, I have practiced golf outdoors just once, but it looks like that is turning around now. That doesn't mean that I haven't been proctive, however. I have made progress in other areas, but I am chomping at the bit to get back into a good practice routine.

I recently returned to Tennessee from Missouri. The most important accomplishment of my time in Missouri was a lot of good times with many friends and especially Miss Alicia, but I also was able to get most of the "paperwork" and financial/logistical aspects of my career done so that I am ready to go full speed ahead for 2011. The colder weather also allowed me upgrade my fitness regimen while in Missouri. I added miles to my runs and also added a few sprint workouts into my running days. I hit the weights a little harder in the gym, too. I feel like I am in as good of shape as I can ever remember being. I do feel strong, but I also feel fit, flexible and very energized. Back in Tennessee, I don't have access to a weightroom that is quite as nice as the one I use at Mizzou, but with some freeweights in the living room and a little creativity, I can definitely continue to increase my fitness level. My time in Missouri was all-around rejuvinating. Time with Alicia is always so nice, and all of my other fun activities just remind me that while golf is both my career and a huge part of my life, it is not the sole factor that defines me.

Now that I'm home in Tennessee, I get that reminder all over again in the form of my mom and dad and also many friends who have helped me grow up in the game of golf. It's really cool for me to feel the encouragement that many people offer and also to know that while everyone wants to see me succeed, nothing that happens on the golf course could ever make me a failure in the eyes of my friends or family.

Today was an exciting day because I got out and had an actual practice session. I played four holes with a couple balls in my pocket and spent any extra ten minutes or so around each green. I didn't think about swing thoughts or anything like that, but simply tried to picture the shot I wanted to hit and then let my body execute. I did not look like I was in mid-season form by any means, but I thought I hit a lot of good shots. I'm really excited because the weather looks like it will cooperate for more practice in the coming days, and I feel like I can get in some really good work. I have said it in my previous couple posts, and I will continue to say it: I am going to be playing the best golf of my life when February 2011 rolls around. And I'm going to have a lot of fun getting there!

Happy Holidays to all! Please continue to follow me as I will be doing better keeping you updated as to my progress.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm ready to start working on my golf game again. I've had a couple of really good practice sessions in the past few days, but a couple of consecutive windy days with high temperatures right around 30 degrees have reminded me that there is a winter. It's hard to have overly productive practice when the wind blows on really cold days, so I'm preparing for 2011 in other ways right now. I'm continuing to stay sharp physically with a workout and running routine that has been ratcheted up a little bit for the offseason, and I'm beginning to work on some administrative necessities for next year. I really feel good, and I'm excited for the opportunity to improve and prepare in a lot of different ways. It may be winter, but I stand by my statement from my last post: when February 2011 rolls around, I will be playing the best golf of my life.

While I am back to "work" in terms of trying to practice and prepare myself for a great year in 2011, I have still been able to enjoy some very good time with the people I love. After living in my car for most of the year, I've spent some time in the places I call home the past few weeks. After a great Thanksgiving with my family in Maryland and a little time at home before that, I'm now in Columbia, Missouri, with Miss Alicia. We celebrated her birthday over the weekend and had a great time! I love my job all the time, but it is even more enjoyable when I get to come home from a day of work to my family and/or my sweetheart. I'm a lucky guy!

I'm getting better right now. Winter may have me trapped indoors for a day or two, but I'm doing something to get better at my profession everyday. I'm excited about what the future holds. I'll keep my blog updated about twice a week during this break from competition, so come check it out to see what's going and how I'm improving.

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