Monday, January 18, 2010

Ready to Go!

I am ready to play this week! I had my best day of practice of 2010 on Sunday, and then I played a nice practice round today at Diamondback Golf Club. I still hit some squirrely shots, and I don't exactly know where it's going every time, but I was at least striking the ball solidly for the most part. I am close enough to good that I can get there by 12:36 tomorrow when I tee off in the first round.

For the first since I've been down here in Orlando, I was determined to be serious and work hard during a practice round. I made myself I good yardage book, and I'm ready to manage myself around this, which is tight and requires both precision and good strategy. I feel like I have figured out this course, and I'm ready to go execute well around it tomorrow!

I feel really good about the direction my game is heading. If I keeps getting better the next three days, I should be in contention in the final round on Thursday. Stay tuned for updates.

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