Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Right Direction

I feel like I have had two really good days of practice the last couple days. I wish that I had playing privileges somewhere down here in Orlando because I feel that some of my best practice comes on the golf course, but I'm so very lucky to have practicing privileges at Bay Hill. I've spent the majority of my time on the driving range, but I've gotten in a lot of good practice on and around the greens as well.

I'm seeing great progress in my ball-striking. My hips had not been working levelly. My front (left) hip was moving up in my downswing which was causing my right hip to dip. I'm working on improving my hip turn, which in turn is allowing my club path to be more consistent in my downswing and my spine angle to remain constant throughout my swing. I'm not very consistent with this yet, but I'm hitting the ball much much more solidly.

The course I'm playing in the Winter Series event this week (Diamondback Golf Club) is apparently a fairly short and very tight course which punishes wayward shots quickly. I'm super excited to play a course that requires precision. Though I haven't been sharp in a while, I pride myself on making few mistakes and managing tough golf courses well. I'll play a practice round on Monday, and I'm going to set myself up for a good week!

Another good day of practice tomorrow and then a good practice round will have me feeling ready to dominate this week! Stay tuned for more news.

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  1. I like seeing your reports and wish you luck in your next tournament Pete.


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