Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still Work to Do

I do feel like my game is good and getting better, but I was reminded yesterday that I definitely need to keep improving. I played in a one-day event yesterday on what is known as the Moonlight Tour, and I struggled my way around an easy golf course to a lousy 74. My ball-striking was mediocre, which is usually enough for me to be competitive, but unfortunately I putted the ball horribly. I have been practicing my putting a lot and have a lot of confidence with that right now, so I think yesterday was just a rough day, but it is not something that gives me a lot of concern. It was simply a reminder not to take any aspect of my game for granted.

I worked hard on my game for a few hours after playing yesterday, and will do more of the same today and tomorrow. If I feel good about things, I will likely play in another Moonlight Tour one-day event on Friday.

I am on the cusp of being back in good form. I need that first really good round of 2010 to get me over the hump. I'm hopeful and confident that I will find it before long!

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