Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eventful Week; Good Practice; Excited Moving Ahead

I am very happy with my decision to drive home after my poor round in last week's Monday Qualifier in Valdosta, GA. Despite severe storms that ravaged much of the southeastern United States and did not spare my area, either, I had a great week and feel energized and confident heading out on the road this coming week. I will leave tomorrow (Sunday) morning for Athens, GA, and another Nationwide Tour Monday Qualifier. I feel great about the work I have done on my game this week and am confident that I will have a great week next week.

In the past week, I feel like I have experienced a little bit of everything. My hometown course, Dandridge Golf Club, where I learned to play and still love to practice is in the middle of the dreadful process of aerifying the greens, so when early-week weather threats drove me to stay close to home, I wasn't very motivated to spend much time practicing my putting. I did, however, take advantage of "my wedge range" on the sod nursery at Dandridge GC and spent hours this week honing my wedge play. Then, on Wednesday evening, the storms hit home. Many in my area suffered wind damage to their houses and property while almost all had hail damage. It was a scary ordeal to be in the middle of it, but my family and all our possessions are fine. So, with a mess all around, I tried to resume work as usual on Thursday, and was able to do so for the most part but didn't have my most productive day of practice. I made up for that on Friday, however. On Friday, I spent the day at Holston Hills Country Club in Knoxville and had some of my most productive practice I can remember. I hit balls for a while and then spent roughly four hours hitting wedges and practicing around the chipping green. After that, I had the chance to go play with a friend of mine named Braxton Hunter who also plays on the mini-tours. We teed it up at 4:30, so I thought we would just play nine holes, but with the days getting longer, we played all 18 and had a great match. I had to make nine birdies to hold him off, but I got the better of my friend yesterday. It was a tight match though, and the competition felt great! Today I just did some touch-up work with Bobbo in a short practice session at Millstone Golf Club before I hammered out a few of my putting drills and called it a day. It was a crazy week with a little bit of everything, but in terms of my golf game, I am feeling great!

Another great thing about being home is that it allowed me to get back into a comfortable fitness routine. For the first since I struggled with some back pain a few weeks ago, I was able to have full-length workouts and runs this week. I am definitely a little bit out of shape compared to where I was a month ago, but I still feel great and know that my conditioning will come right back. I am still doing my back stretches and exercises each day, and I feel very confident that I can keep any future flare-ups at bay. Physically I feel very good right now, and I know that that is a piece of the formula that helps me be successful.

One thing from the past three weeks that I am disappointed with is my work towards my process goals. I have set very realistic goals for myself on both tournament and non-tournament weeks, and for a variety of different reasons I have come up short of accomplishing all of my goals the past few weeks. I was "re-habbing" my back a little bit in there, and I did have a stretch where I was in the heat of a couple good tournaments two weeks in a row, but my goals are very realistic and attainable, and I believe that staying dedicated to my process goals will allow me to achieve all of my outcome goals for the year. I have a spreadsheet on which I mark my progress towards my process goals, and I am going to be filling it in completely in the coming weeks!

I do feel great right now, though. I'm happy, healthy, and feeling good about my game. I have another shot at a Monday Qualifier this week, and I'm ready to make my first Nationwide Tour start of the year. If I happen to come up short in the Qualifier, I do have an Egolf Event in Greensboro, North Carolina, that I will be playing instead, so one way or the other, I'm going to win a golf tournament next week! I feel ready to go, and I truly believe I'm close to playing great. Keep it right here for some exciting news soon!

Monday, April 25, 2011

0 for 1, but Many More to Come!

I was in Thomasville, Georgia, today competing in the Monday Qaulifier for the Nationwide Tour's South Georgia Classic in nearby Valdosta. After a great day of preparation at Glen Arven Country Club, my qualifying site, on Sunday, I felt great this morning as I prepared to "sweep the dew" in the day's first group at 7:30 a.m., but, for some reason, I just didn't play well today. My round needs very little description. I drove it poorly a few times, wedged it poorly many times, and didn't putt the ball very well at all. I shot a one-over-par score of 73 and was a full seven shots short of qualifying for the event. My game is more than good enough to have qualified this week, but I had an off day today. There really isn't too much more to it than that. I definitely need to a have a great week of practice to find that "lovin' feeling" that was so present in my game mid-week last week, but I know that I am not far from playing great!

I finished my round by noon and after a quick shower in the locker room, I was in the car heading home. I made it back safely and am really looking forward to a great week of practice here in East TN! I don't have to wait long for another crack at the Nationwide Tour as I will be competing in another Monday Qualifier next week for an event in Athens, Georgia. My game will be ready to take advantage of the opportunity next week. Keep it here for some practice reports throughout the week. I thought I would have better news from today's qualifier, but I know that good news is just around the corner!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poor Final Round, Positive Signs Moving Forward

I didn't play well this weekend. After sitting in a tie for 6th place at 10 under par through two rounds, I could muster only matching rounds of one-under-par 71 on Friday and Saturday. In today's final round, I was just a little off all around. I missed a lot of fairways, hit a lot of mediocre iron shots, and was much less solid with the putter than I had been the previous three rounds. I wasn't far off in any area, but I wasn't good enough to make very many birdies, and I did miss a couple of par putts from inside of five feet to drop a couple shots on the back nine. I am disappointed not have finished better in this event, but I still feel very good about my game.

One very positive thing from today's final round was the return of my short game touch. I have really been struggling with my chipping a lot--particularly hitting any kind of high, soft-landing shots around the greens--but was very effective today on four different occasions hitting some high softies off of tight bermuda fairways. I know that I am a great chipper and that my short game is one of my biggest strengths, so it was very nice to see some good results in that area of my game.

I still feel great about my game. I definitely need to work hard to be more consistent with my driver and must continue to sharpen my wedge play, but I feel like I am capable of playing well on any course right now. I'm very excited to start chasing my number one goal for the year this coming week when I tee it up on Monday in the Monday Qualifier for the Nationwide Tour's South Georgia Classic in Valdosta. I am about to hit the road to start the journey from Columbia, SC, to Valdosta where I will play a practice round tomorrow at the qualifying course before teeing it up on Monday morning with a spot in my first Nationwide Tour event of the year on the line. My game is good, and I know that I have both the fire power and the patience that it takes to be successful in Monday Qualifiers.

I'll give you an update from the qualifying site tomorrow evening. Great things are coming, so keep up with it all right here!

Friday, April 22, 2011

No Good in Round 3 but Still Excited

I just wasn't sharp today in the third round of the Egolf Tour's Columbia Classic. Playing at Columbia Country Club after a four hour delay for morning storms, I never really felt in-synch, though my scorecard looked pretty sharp through 11 holes. I made scrappy birdies on three front nine holes before adding a perfectly executed birdie on the 11th to stand at four under on the day on the twelth tee. A poor wedge into the par-five twelth led to a disappointing par, but my sloppiness would worsen from there. I failed to get up and down from 74 yards for birdie on the next hole, and then drove it into a water hazard on the par-5 15th hole and suffered my first bogey of the day. The damage wasn't over. I hit poor iron shots into the 16th and 17th holes and failed to convert difficult two-putts from off of the green on both occasions. After making only 3 bogeys for my first 50 holes of the tournament, I made three in a row on holes 51, 52, and 53. A poor short iron into the last led to a par and a disappointing score of one-under-par 71. All of that, and I still feel great, though! My game wasn't great today, but I am still doing everything right. I was just a little bit off for some reason. I didn't fall too far down the leaderboard, though, and I still have the opportunity for a great finish if I can play well tomorrow. I know I'm playing great, so tomorrow should be a lot of fun! Come back here to hear about my final round, and check out the results at

In other news, I'm extremely excited right now. I will begin working towards two of my outcome goals in the very near future. My first Nationwide Tour Monday Qualifier is in two days in Valdosta, Georgia, and I just finalized my application for U.S. Open Qualifying. The local round of U.S. Open qualifying is in mid-May, but I'm excited for it already.

First things first, however: I need to go play one shot at a time tomorrow in the final round of the Columbia Classic and enjoy myself while doing so. I will do that, and I know that I'll be carrying some good vibes into my first Nationwide Qualifier after tomorrow!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still Feeling Good

I didn't get off to a good start in my second round, but I held it together nicely and played my last eight holes in four under to post a four-under-par score of 68 at the Columbia Country Club. My game feels great and I do to. I'm going to stay relaxed and have some fun this weekend, and I think great things are going to happen. I'm going to have fun either way!

You all deserve more description of my round than that, but I'll share more after a great third round! Thank you so much for following!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Start in Columbia

After feeling very good following a solid day of preparation on Tuesday, I actually felt a little bit off during my warm up session before Wednesday's first round this morning. That feeling translated into a few sketchy shots in the beginning and a 1-over-par start through my first four holes. A solid birdie on the par-5 fifth at the University Club, however, settled me nicely into my round and I played beautifully from that point on. I birdied each of the first three par fives on the course before adding a thrilling eagle on the watery par-5 18th to cap off a 6-under-par opening round of 65. Tomorrow I will head over to the tournament's host course, the Columbia Country Club, for my second round. After a great afternoon of practice at that course today, I am confident that I can go out and continue my solid play. I start at 12:40 tomorrow afternoon, and my game plan will be the same as it was today: stay relaxed and have fun all day. It's going to be a fun day! Come back to hear some good news after the round, and check out the results at

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go Time in Columbia, SC

The two courses for this week's event in Columbia, South Carolina, are in prime condition for a great event. The University Club (Cobblestone Park, as it is now called) will play host to my first round tomorrow morning, while the Columbia Country Club will serve as the main host for the event. Both courses feature fast, grainy bermuda greens that are rolling great right now. The University Club is a very modern feeling golf course with huge elevation changes and a lot of dramatic-looking holes. The Columbia Country Club is a classic old-school type of course with tree-lined fairways and good, undulating greens. Both courses will be challenging right now because of the speedy and slopey greens, but I do believe that both offer the opportunity to shoot a good score. I get started tomorrow morning at the University Club at 8:20 a.m., and I'm going to play well! My game is great, and I'm really enjoying myself right now. I am going to stay relaxed, be confident, and have fun tomorrow. Come back here to hear about it in the evening!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Great Tournament

I wrapped up my play in the Egolf Tour's St. James Classic with a great score of two-under-par 70 in the final round. On a day when wind gusts easily surpassed the 30-mph mark, my score was the second lowest round of the day, and it propelled me up the leaderboard to a tie for 6th place. As with every round, my final round could definitely have been better, but I am very happy with my attitude and my performance. It was a great week on two very tough golf courses. I re-learned a valuable lesson on Wednesday and improved each day after that on my way to my best mini-tour finish yet. I am certain that this is the precursor of great things to come in the near future.

In today's final round, the wind was blowing from the moment I arrived at the golf course to begin preparing for my 8:10 a.m. start. I got off to a solid start with a birdie on the par-5 third and pars on holes 1, 2, and 4. On the fifth, I hit a foul ball left of the fairway and played hard to make a double bogey. A stellar birdie on the 8th hole helped me make the turn at even par. Heading to the very difficult back nine with the wind continuing to pick up intensity, I had a feeling I could do something special if I played some solid golf. I made fantastic birdies on 10 and 11 and added another at 14 to get to three under par for my round. I thought I might be sneaking up on the leaders, but I faltered on the next two holes. A misjudged wind on the par-4 15th resulted in a solidly struck 8 iron coming up 20 yards short from 125 yards (yes, that's right). A great pitch was unfortunately followed by a nervous putt that wondered low of the hole from just five feet. Then, on the par-3 16th, I pierced the wind with a beautiful 4 iron that settled just twenty feet directly below the hole. Unfortunately, I had a huge brain lapse and hit the birdie putt some six feet past the hole going up the hill, and I missed it coming back down. What a bummer! I responded with one of my best tee shots of the tournament on the par-5 seventeenth and set up an easy birdie by hitting the green in two. I solid par on the last left me with a final round 70. It was a great score, but it left me thinking what could have been.

I know better than to play the "what if" game, though. I will remember this tournament for the great golf that I played and the valuable lesson I learned on Wednesday when high expectations and a "results-oriented" view of my golf shots left me angered to the point that I wasn't thinking clearly over a lot of shots coming down the stretch. I know that if I am patient, process-oriented, and relaxed on the golf course, my game will produce good results. I proved that the last three days of this tournament. Sure I let a few shots get away here and there, but my game is progressing at a great rate right now, and I'm going to enjoy the challenge of getting the most out of it every week. I really do think I can win at any level on any week, and I'm ready to do the work necessary to let that happen.

This was a great week. I need to give a big thank you to Dr. Laura Malnati, my physical therapist who helped me play pain-free this week by helping me get my back in good shape. I also want to thank to whole Fitzhugh family. They have been my gracious hosts this week and have provided everything from meals to caddying services with everything in between.

Next up is an Egolf event in Columbia, SC, next week. I'll be getting there on Monday afternoon and the event will start on Wednesday. Keep it here for more exciting info!

Close to Awesome in Round 3

My third round in the St. James Classic was an interesting one. After hitting two perfect shots on my opening hole, the difficult par-4 10th, it took me seven holes to hit another good shot. I struggled my way around holes 11 through 17, hitting lousy shot after lousy shot. I made two bogeys and no birdies on that nine holes, but when I turned to the front nine, I flipped a switch. I birdied holes 2 through 5 and then missed close-range birdie opportunities on each of my last three holes. It really could have been a special round if I had converted those opportunities coming down the stretch, but my score of two-under-par 70 was a good one for the day and helped to move me up the leaderboard considerably.

I am a little disappointed that I wasn't able to play better on my opening nine and that I wasn't able to roll in some 5-10 foot putts on my last three holes, but I really do feel like my game is in great shape right now. The weather for the final round looks very questionable, but I'm ready to get out there and play. I trust my game, and I'm having a lot of fun. I think if the weather will just be good enough to allow us to play, I will be ready to take advantage of the chance to put together an entire round of good golf. I'll come back and let you know what happens in the final round when it's all said and done. Thank you for following!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Golf in Round 2

I didn't shoot a great score, but I played so well in the second round of Egolf Tour's St. James Classic. Playing the Reserve Course at St. James, I got off to a poor start, bogeying two of my first four holes, but I smiled and stayed positive all day, and some great golf followed my rocky start. In fact, in my final 12 holes of the day, I was never more than 30 feet from the hole for birdie, and I had a five birdie putts from inside of ten feet. Fortunately for me, I hit it very close on two holes and tapped in for birdies because I was unable to convert any of my mid-range birdie tries. In the end though, I fired a second round of even-par 72 and moved up the leaderboard enough to make the cut with a shot to spare.

I was really pleased with my attitude on the course in the second round. My early bogeys were as much a result of a couple poor breaks as they were bad execution, but I stayed really positive and continued to enjoy myself. Smiling is one of my big keys to success, and I used it today.

One disappointing element of my second round is the fact that I made four 5's on the par-5's. I executed fairly well on those holes, but a few less-than-stellar putts and one horrific break on a wedge shot kept me from making any birdies on the par-5's. If I can clean that up tomorrow and continue to stay relaxed and execute well everywhere else, I should be able to put a great round together. One thing I know is that I will be having fun out there. I tee it up at 9:00 a.m. in round 3, and it's going to be a great day. Come back here to hear about it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lessons from Round 1

I played really well in the first round of this week's Egolf tournament at St. James Plantation, but I uncharacteristically lost control of my emotions, and it cost me a lot of shots. I guess I began the round with high expectations because I was on edge from my very first missed shot. I birdied 5 of the first 11 holes, but allowed some stupid mistakes off of the tee and around the greens to rattle me and stumbled my way to lousy first-round score of 74. My game is better than that, and I should have easily shot a better score than that today, but I failed to get myself committed to a good plan on a lot of shots today, and I suffered a lot of bogeys and a really bad double bogey because of it. I wasn't my normal relaxed, happy-go-lucky self on the course today, and that was disappointing.

The good news is I know that my game is good, and I learned from today's round. Tomorrow I will be much more focused on each shot and will trust my game to deliver good results. And I will do a lot of Smiling! I play at the Reserve Course tomorrow, and I feel like I can put together a really solid round on that demanding layout. Come back here for some good news following the round! Also check out the full results at:

Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Week and a New Me!

Okay, so it's really the same old me, but I'm not dealing with the same back pain that slowed me down last week. After not being able to make full swings at all on Friday, I played at about 60 percent on Saturday, 75 percent yesterday, and felt darn near 100% today. I am not swinging hard at anything, but I am able to swing every club in my bag fully and hit all of the shots that I need to compete. I am still being a little bit cautious, but I feel like I will be pain and worry-free moving into tournament time.

My therapist (Dr. Laura Malnati!) has really helped me to get through this back pain in good time. I've been doing "back mobility" workouts the last three mornings, and I have been able to feel my range of motion increasing everyday. This, of course, has led to my back feeling better and better for my golf swing as well.

I am disappointed not to have had awesome practice during my off-week last week, but looking back on it, I'm glad that this back pain appeared when it did. My week of healing has me ready to go this week for the tournament, and now that I am nearing 100%, I will be able to take advantage of the great practice facilities here at St. James and have a solid week of practice while playing well in the tournament! Although I had a week off from practicing last week, I am still very much dedicated to achieving my process goals. I know that my wedge play and putting will be a big part of reaching my outcome goals this year, so I will dedicate a lot of time ensuring that I am sharp in those areas. In addition to that, I want to slowly build back into a good full-body fitness routine. I was in great shape when my back started to hurt, so I don't think I have lost very much, but I want to make sure that I am very careful as I start to work strength training and cardiovascular workouts back into my daily routine. My main objective this week is to be certain that I ready to compete to my best ability in the tournament, but I am also going to work hard to complete all of my process goals. It is going to be a great week!

This tournament is particularly exciting because the two courses that we will use for the event--The Reserve Course and the Founder's Club--are both very demanding and very fun golf courses. Both require accuracy from the tee and precision into the greens. Hazards, homesites, marshes, and trees line the fairways, and water, sand, and steep drop offs to difficult chipping areas protect most of the greens. The real challenge of both courses, however, lies in the demanding putting surfaces and the areas immediately surrounding them. Undulation, elevation, and small landing areas characterize the green complexes at both courses, and short game skill and creativity will be required for success. The venues for this event demand high performance in all facets of the game. I really enjoy playing these kind of golf courses, and I feel like my game is well-suited to handle the challenges. I am pumped!

My game has felt great the last couple days as my back has improved enough to let me play. I am swinging smoothly with great rhythm, and I feel great about how I'm hitting it. I have one more practice round tomorrow, and I really feel like I'm close to firing on all cylinders. By the time Wednesday gets here, I think I'll be ready to play great! Stay with me for more updates soon!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making Progress in North Carolina

I had a great drive to St. James Plantation in southeastern North Carolina on Friday morning. For once in my life, I split up a long drive with twenty minute stops to walk and stretch every couple of hours, so I arrived feeling great early Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, that didn't result in the great feelings for which I had hoped from my back on the golf course. I hit a few very easy full-swing shots on Friday but had a lot of pain and disappointedly limited myself to only chips and putts for the rest of the day. I was fairly certain I would have to withdraw from next week's event because Friday evening is the deadline to do so in order to have my entry fee refunded. I made a call to the director of our tour, and he kindly granted me a one day extension on the deadline. I'm glad he did because I felt a lot better today and was even able to hit some drivers with no pain. In fact, I hit every club in my bag today out on the Reserve Course here at St. James, and after some stiffness and a little pain early in the round, my back really felt good the rest of the day. I never made a full-speed swing, but I was hitting my driver at about 70 percent by the end of the day, and I'm pretty sure that I need continue to do that even when my back is 100% because I was hitting it awesome and it was going very far! I'm excited about that, and, most of all, I'm just excited to be able to make some swings. I'm definitely not going to push my back in the coming days, but I did commit to play the event here at St. James this coming week, so I'm pumped for that!

My sis, Dr. Laura Malnati, is still coaching me back to health. She's been keeping me realistic about what I need to expect in terms of a healing time-table, and she has given me more and more exercises each day to promote healing in my back. I did a great "workout" this morning to get my back moving in a healthy way, and I feel like a couple more days of good work like that will have me back to 100% in no time.

The event here at St. James Plantation starts on Wednesday, so I have a few days to make sure everything is ready. Being here early is a great advantage because the Reserve Course and the Founders Club--the two courses used for the Egolf event--are two of the most demanding courses we play all year, and a couple of extra rounds to learn the nuances can only help. I am ready to have some good practice sessions to re-awaken my touch with my wedges and putter, but all-in-all I think my game was in great form pre-injury and will return quite easily to that. I'll updated you in a day or two on how everything is going, so come back for some good news!

* * *

I need to call on all of you who support me for some "housing help" again. When this event ends next weekend, I will be heading straight to Columbia, South Carolina, for an event at Columbia Country Club. The course is on the north side of town, and is actually in Blythewood, SC, I believe, but it's the greater-Columbia area. If anybody has any potential connections for me there, I would be most thankful. Thank you for following and for your support!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scary Week but All is Good!

Last weekend was great. After my tournament in Charlotte was cancelled, I was determined that I would still have a very productive week, and I did just that. Last Saturday and Sunday I had some great practice sessions and checked off all of my process goals for last week. I was really feeling good about my game and just feeling good in general. I planned to have a full week of practice this week and leave for my tournament next week at St. James Plantation in Southport, NC, feeling even better about my game. Unfortunately, I have hardly even touched my clubs this week. I felt some slight discomfort in my lower back during a weather-shortened practice on Monday, then, after a good workout Tuesday morning, I noticed some serious pain in the same area of my back while doing my normal stretches. That afternoon, my first little swing at the golf course sent me to my knees in pain, and I knew that I had a problem. Luckily for me, I have an "in" with the best physical therapist in the world, my sister Laura, and she diagnosed me and has been training me back to health over the phone. Mostly I've just been relaxing my back and not using it, but I have also done a few simple exercises to help speed the healing process. I'm pretty sure that I could hit a few balls today, but I am going to rest until tomorrow just to be safe. I have never had any problems with my back before, and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life right now, so I don't see this causing any major problems for me. I will be cautious and move slowly through the weekend, but I fully anticipate being back to 100% by next week.

I'm excited to compete again. With the rainout of my event last week, I'm quickly approaching a full month since my last tournament, so it will be good to get back into it. I'm a huge fan of the two courses we will be playing next week at St. James Plantation as well. The facility there boasts 72 holes of golf, and the two courses that the Egolf Tour will use for our event next week are very good and very demanding. I stayed with a great host family there last year, so I have the opportunity to arrive a little early and get in a few rounds on the courses before the official practice rounds begin on Monday, and I plan to that. As long as my back feels good in the morning, I will get up early and drive out there tomorrow so that I can play the courses over the weekend and use the great practice facilities in preparation for the event next week. I am hopeful that with some good practice, I will be ready to have a special tournament at St. James Plantation.

I feel good! It's a bummer about my back hurting this week, but that is not going to set me back. I am very excited to get back to practicing and can't wait to see if my game is as sharp next week as it was feeling before I went on injured reserve for a couple days. I should be getting back to playing a little bit tomorrow. Come back here to see how it goes. Exciting things are coming for me in the very near future. Thank you for following and supporting me!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I Was Going to Win!

I can't remember a tournament at which I was present ever being completely cancelled, but that is exactly what happened this week at the Egolf Tour's Irish Creek Classic. After working hard for two practice rounds and getting myself mentally prepared for some harsh playing conditions, I never got to hit the first shot in the tournament. Day one was a washout on Wednesday, and efforts to play the first round on Thursday also proved hopeless as the host course, The Club at Irish Creek, was too saturated from 36 hours of rain to be playable. I was scheduled to play my first round at Cabarrus Country Club and was very much expecting to play on Thursday, but after warming up only to be delayed three different times and having a very good practice session as well, the tournament was finally called off just before noon. I really feel like my game is sharp and I am confident that I was going to have a good week, but I know that I'll just be even more excited and prepared when I tee it up in less than two weeks at the Egolf event at St. James Plantation.

It is a bummer to not get the chance to compete, but the weather and the decisions of the tournament committee are both things over which I have no control, so I'm not going to worry about them. I have been having a great week of practice despite the difficult weather, and my game is continuing to grow better. I have done a great job so far this week of working towards my process goals, and I feel great about that. My ball-striking is getting better, and my competance with my wedges and putter is really high right now. I'm having a great week even without the tournament.

I am back home now, and I'm looking forward to a great week of practice here before heading to St. James Plantation on the Atlantic coast of North Carolina at the end of next week. In addition to that, I have also officially registered for my first two Nationwide Tour Monday Qualifiers of the year. Reaching the Nationwide Tour's Tour Championship is my number one outcome goal for the year, so I am extremely excited for the chance to start making steps towards that when the Nationwide Tour comes to Georgia in the end of April.

I really feel like I was ready to play well in the Egolf event this week. I am going to keep that positive energy alive as I move into a week and a half of preparations for the next tournament. Keep it here for some practice reports from Beautiful Dandridge, TN, as I work towards my goals.

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