Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back to Business After a Different Kind of Productive Week

There are a couple fairly logical reasons for this, but I've just completed a very unusual week of preparation for me. I played golf every day this past week, and had competitive matches six of those days, but I never even attempted to complete my practice drills. Airified greens at my main home course and some gusty afternoon winds made for conditions where on-course practice was my best option. I feel like I was productive, but I'm ready to get back to completing my Map Goals this week. My practice routine is very important to me, and I'm ready to re-establish some strong habits. 

I am going to update and re-publish my Map Goals to reflect the changes I made to my short game routine. I am also going to re-tool my fitness routine just a little bit. I'm excited to get after all of my work this week. 

I have an exciting opportunity, too. I didn't earn a spot in the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, so I'm going to go play the Tour event in the Central American country of Panama. I'm ready to get back to my process and pumped to play more tournament golf. 

I'm going to put more thoughts and updated goals in writing during my travels, so please check back for an update from Panama early in the week. Thank you for keeping up with me! 

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