Thursday, January 14, 2010

Slow Progress, but Progress!

I finished the second round this week's Winter Series event this morning. It was still nothing impressive, but I hit a lot of good shots. I made six pars and a lousy three-putt bogey to finish with a five-over-par second round of 76 to go with my first round 73. Obviously, I'm not very pleased with that performance, but I left the course more encouraged than discouraged today.

After completing my round, I went over to Bay Hill for some practice. I ended up spending about seven hours hitting balls and working on my short game. It was so much fun to just practice! I had moments where I thought I was on the right track and far more moments where I wanted to break golf clubs in frustration, but I enjoy the challenge of working through this current struggle.

I finally got a outside pair of eyes to check out my swing a little at the end of the day today. My friend, John Kelly, gave me some great input. I'm really excited to get back to work tomorrow and hopefully I'll get "that lovin' feeling" back really soon. I'm ready to play well again!

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