Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Need to Get Better...

I only played 11.75 holes of tournament golf today, but it was enough for me to realize that I have a lot of work to do. After a morning of hard practice and an afternoon of waiting for my delayed tee time, I saw a first hole birdie quickly eliminated by 11 holes of lousy golf. I'm struggling right now. I'm at four-over-par in the second round with a four foot putt for par on the 12th hole. My ball-striking has just continued to be bad, and it worsened today when I started to press a little bit.

I will go back tomorrow morning to finish my second round. I'm just going to turn off my brain and fire it right at every flag. Maybe I'll make an iron shot tomorrow morning! That would be cool.

The weather is finally turning around. It's getting warm down here. I'm very excited to have a chance to get five full days of good practice before my next event. I'm a little down right now, but I know that everyone goes through rough stretches. I can't wait to find my way out of this one, and I know that if I stay positive, it won't take me long!

Stay tuned for the final results from round two and practice reports as I start to turn it around.

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