Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Very Good but No Good

At the end of the day I made too many mistakes to be successful in the Monday (Tuesday) Qualifier for this week's Nationwide Tour event in College Park, MD. I had five (yeah, that's right, 5!) penalty shots today, but executed beautifully other than that and fired a three-under-par score of 69 at Northwest Golf Course. Unfortunately, there was a playoff for the final qualifying spots at 68, and I was left on the outside.

My round today was impressive. I feel like I'm swinging great, and I really trust all areas of my game right now. Unfortunately, I just hit three foul balls off the tee today, and in the end, the costly penalties were too much for my solid play to overcome. I hit a ball into waist high heather on my first and sixth holes and suffered a stroke-and-distance penalty on both occasions before ending my round with a wayward drive into a hazard on the 18th hole. With the exception of those three swings, I was really happy with the way I played today. I left a few shots out there by failing to birdie the par-5 eighth and seventeenth holes after good tee shots, but I really executed well other than my three errant drives.

I still feel good about my game and believe that great things are coming. Stay with me as I make solid plans for the rest of my week and turn my attention to U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying. I'll be back in a day or two with some updates on what I'm doing to be fully prepared for that. Thank you for following!

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