Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Back in Action

I'm sorry for my long absence from the blog. I have actually been "in action" the whole time I have been gone, but I did take advantage of my first full week off from competition in quite some time to have a great week of practice, workouts, and relaxation last week. I spent a lot of time working on my physical skills but also was able to enjoy a good time celebrating Mother's Day with my Mom and some quality time with my sweetheart, Miss Alicia. The last ten days have been just what I needed--I am feeling good about my golf game and great about life.

I apologize that I didn't provide any practice reports from the last week. I have had some really encouraging things going on in my golf game. After trying something new and little bit technical (for me) in my chipping, I am back to simply trusting my feel and and letting my body hit chip and pitch shots naturally around the greens. I have always been a great chipper, but after struggling a little bit earlier this year, I was trying to make some drastic changes. I am now just trying to re-sharpen what I have always done around the greens, and I feel great about the direction my short-game is heading. My ball-striking still hasn't returned to the solid form that it was in a month ago, but it is very manageable right now and is trending in the proper direction. Overall, I feel like my game is in good shape and getting better, so I'm excited!

This week I have only 18 competitive holes on the schedule, but they are 18 important holes! On Wednesday I will play in the first ("Local") stage of U.S. Open Qualifying. I will be playing at Holston Hills Country Club in Knoxville, TN. Local Qualifying for the open is a bit of a crap-shoot, but I am very comfortable at Holston Hills, and I know that I can take care of business if I play well.

I feel great and am excited about everything. I'm going to have a great day of practice tomorrow and will be ready to go on Wednesday. Keep it right here to hear all about it. I'll be much more current with my updates now!

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