Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Greensboro, Ready to Play Great in Egolf Event

I definitely had full intentions of playing in this week's Nationwide Tour event in Athens, GA, but I didn't play very well in the Monday Qualifier. My wedge play, which is a part of my game on which I have spent a lot of time and about which I feel very good, was abismal, and I hit some lousy shots elsewhere as well. The end result was a two-over-par round of 73 that did not even sniff qualifying. After my afternoon qualifying round, I was quickly in my car and on the way to Greensboro for this week's Egolf Tour event. I am here now, had a full day of practice today, and feel ready to have a great tournament!

This week's event is hosted by High Point Country Club's Willow Creek course, and the secondary course for the event is called Colonial Country Club. Both courses have an old-school type of feel to them, and I am a big fan of both! Willow Creek has some major-championship caliber greens right now. They are very firm, fast, and slopey, so it should present a good challenge. Both courses offer a lot of wedge shots and a couple reachable par-5's, however, so scoring will definitely be low. I feel like I am ready to dominate some of these events, and I really believe this is a good week so start!

I play at 8:40 tomorrow morning at Willow Creek. I'm excited! I'm going to play intelligently, and I'm going to have fun. This could be a great week. Come back tomorrow for a round-1 report!

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