Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Great Week

I have had a thoroughly productive week. It started, of course, with the first step towards one of my "Outcome Goals" when I successfully advanced through Local U.S. Open Qualifying on Wednesday. After that, I felt determined to get down to business and have some truly good days of practice. My wedge play and chipping have really been costing me lately, and I am determined to get them back in shape. I feel like I made great strides in that direction this week. I completed all of my process goals for the week--no small accomplishment considering that funky weather a the excitement of Wednesday's qualifier kept me from getting started on my wedge play or putting drills until Thursday. I was relentless the last four days in my search for consistency and precision with my wedges, and the work is really yielding good results. I completed my wedge-shot proximity drills this afternoon relatively easily with each of my four wedges. I couldn't have done that earlier this week! In addition to that, I completed all of my putting drills and had a solid week of working out and running. It feels good to have achieved all of my process goals, and I will hold myself accountable to do so much more moving forward.

I have been needing a week like this for the last several weeks. While I always enjoy practicing, and I do work hard, my stick-to-it-tiveness with some of the frustrating areas of my game might not have been where it needed to be lately. I overcame some challenges while working on my wedge play this week, and I really feel good about that part of my game now. In fact, all areas of my game are pretty solid right now. I need to continue to work on my chipping as I'm still not very comfortable over a lot of shots around the greens, but other than that, I feel like I'm just trying to fine-tune all the facets of my game.

I'll hit the road tomorrow morning for an Egolf event this week at Pine Needles Resort in Pinehurst, North Carolina. That's the first stop on what I hope will be an exciting trip. I'll talk more about the upcoming excitement soon, but, first things first, I want to have a great week at Pine Needles. Keep it here for a pre-tournament report on Tuesday evening. Thank you for following and for your support after U.S. Open Local Qualifying!

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