Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ready for This Week's Egolf Event

After a fun-filled weekend with my family, I had a short practice session on Monday afternoon at Dandridge Golf Course and then hit the road for North Carolina. This week's Egolf event, the Bolle Classic, will take place at Sapona Country Club in Lexington, NC, and Colonial Country Club in Thomasville. After arriving in Greensboro late Monday evening, I needed to have a thorough day of preparation on Tuesday, and I was able to do just that. I started the day with a short early-morning jog before heading to Colonial for a refresher on the tournament's co-host course. Colonial features some dog-legging holes on which you cannot see the landing area from the tee, so I hit quite a few tee shots to familiarize myself with the lines off many of the tees. I was very efficient in that process and was able to get to the tournament's host course, Sapona, by mid-morning. I played a full practice round at Sapona and spent just a little bit of time afterwards working on my short game and putting. I feel like I am playing well and both courses suit my game nicely, so I'm excited about the prospects for a good week.

I am ready to have a consistently good week. After some excitingly good play in April, I have been making a few too many mistakes at random times during rounds to really get anything truly exciting going here lately, but I still feel like I am performing at a very high level. I am going to continue my year-long effort to stay extremely relaxed on the course and not get consumed with the results while I'm playing, but I am going to try to amp up my focus a little bit this week and not let myself hit any mentally sloppy shots. I know that I will execute poorly from time to time, but I think if I can be fully committed to a good plan on every shot that I can eliminate some of the mistakes that have been creeping in lately. I am ready to play well. Keep it here for good news from Wednesday's opening round. Thank you very much for following me!

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