Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick Update from a Great Week

I found myself surprisingly disappointed after coming up short in the playoff at the Monday Qualifier for the Nationwide Tour event in Wichita, KS, this week. I was incredibly pleased with the way that I battled tough conditions in the qualifier and finished with a clutch birdie on the final hole, so the realization that I wouldn't get the chance to play in the actual tournament bummed me out a little bit. As always, though, I got back to hard core work on Wednesday and am feeling pumped about the week that I have had. I have been getting after all of my fitness goals and had three incredibly productive days of work on the course Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. In addition to playing 18 holes on Wednesday and Thursday, I have completed four of my putting drills and spent four full hours working on all areas of my wedge game. My short game is getting better and better, and it's exciting to see continuing improvement. Today (Saturday), I traveled to Evansville, Indiana, where I will play in the Monday Qualifier for next week's Nationwide Tour event here. I need to have a productive day of work on Sunday in which I learn the qualifying golf course and knock out my remaining practice drills, but I feel ready to do just that. Come back in the evening for a report from my day and a preview of the Monday Qualifier. It's time to get back out on the Nationwide Tour! Thank you for keeping up with me.

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