Friday, June 8, 2012

Going to Keep Improving--My Golf and My "Blogging"

I have not done a good job lately of keeping my blog up to date with good information. It certainly means a lot to me that so many of you take the time to keep up with me and invest a little bit of yourselves in supporting my career, so I am sorry that I haven’t held up my end of the bargain by keeping your information source fresh. I will try to do much better as I move into an even more action-packed portion of my schedule this summer.

This week has been good. I was very disappointed by the performance I gave on Monday at Sectional Qualifying for the US Open, but looking back on it, I can easily see it as a positive experience. The main reason that I was so disappointed on Monday is that I truly expected to qualify. My mindset going in wasn’t just, “ah, this would be cool if I can play great and get into the Open,” but rather, I was thinking, “If I play well and take care of business, I will play in the US Open.” That mindset has evolved since my past experiences at US Open Sectionals, and I think it shows progress in the belief that I have in myself. Unfortunately I didn’t execute well enough to qualify on Monday, but to know that I was comfortable in that situation makes me feel good.

After the 36-hole day on Monday and a full day of travel on Tuesday, I have spent the last three days playing some matches at good golf courses here in my east Tennessee home. I played 27 holes each on Wednesday and Thursday with a couple of other mini-tour players from the area before taking a drumming in at 18-hole match on Friday. Despite the loss on Friday, my game has felt very good. It has been nice to have some fun, yet competitive matches to keep me busy during what I hope will be my last off-week for quite a while. I need put in a little time on the practice facilities as well and work on my process goals, but I am happy with the work that I have put in on the course this week.

My two older sisters are both in town for the weekend and we are going to celebrate my June 13 birthday a bit early, so I think this weekend will be filled with a lot of fun non-golf activities. I’ll sneak in some efficient practice both days, but I think we’ll spend a little time in the mountains and a lot of time together as a family, so that will be GREAT!

In all likelihood, however, this will mark the third time in four weeks that I won’t complete all of my practice goals, though I will put a good dent in them. I won’t be too hard on myself if I don’t get them all done this week, but starting next week, I am going to be much more adamant with myself about having the focused and efficient sessions that I need to have to complete all of my process goals each week. Completing my process goals keeps my golf game and my body in prime shape to compete at high levels every week. I need to have the discipline to stick with my plan, and I will do that.

I know for certain that I will be playing next week in the Egolf Tour’s Bolle Classic at Sapona Country Club in Lexington, North Carolina. Beyond that, I have some exciting options, but I’m not certain as of yet what I will be doing. I will keep you posted on that and will also be back with a practice report (and probably a cool story or two) from this weekend in a couple of days. Thank you so much for following me, and keep it here to keep up with all the news! There is going to be great news soon, and I’m going to do a better job of sharing it all with you. 

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