Saturday, May 5, 2012

So Close in Round 3

My game was good in the third round. I felt the most comfortable and confident that I have all week, and at times it really showed. Unfortunately, I never found that "lovin' feeling" on the greens, and I have only a one-under-par round of 70 to show for my efforts. My third-round score maintained my position in the middle of the pack, but I definitely feel like I am playing well enough to move up this leaderboard. I'm very excited to have one more day to go out play on Sunday. I've been shooting a lot of low scores for the  past month, and I feel like I can do it again!

I will come back with a final-round report tomorrow, and in the coming days, I will give a full review of the entire week. There have definitely been a lot of positive things for me this week, and I hope this is the first of many Nationwide Tour events for me this year. For now, though, I am simply focused on playing a solid round on the final day of this event. I will be relaxed and enjoy myself all day, and I'm confident that I can put up a good number. Come back for a full report in the evening. Thank you for all the support this week and always!

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