Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Start

I played very solidly in the opening nine holes of the Nationwide Tour's Stadion Classic at UGA today, and despite some shaky ball-striking on my second nine, I finished strongly to shoot three-under-par 68 in the first round. I hit every fairway and every green on my first nine holes (the back nine) and failed to convert a number of great birdie opportunities, so I made the turn at one under par. After feeling totally in control with my driver through nine holes, I sprayed one well right of the first fairway (my tenth) as I made the turn. That drive set the tone for what would be a much more adventurous nine holes, but I still managed to give myself some opportunities and was able to offset my lone bogey on the fourth hole with birdies at holes five, seven, and eight. I left a great birdie putt on my final hole short, but tapped in to shoot 68 and feel good about my start. My game feels good, and I'm excited to go out and play again tomorrow. I'm going to continue to be relaxed and enjoy myself, and I'm confident that I can deliver a strong performance for the entire round. I'll be back with an update tomorrow evening. Thank you for following me and for the support!

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  1. Congrats on making the cut. Now take it low this weekend. I really enjoy keeping up with you. Keep working hard.
    Chad Owenby


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