Sunday, May 20, 2012

Great Weekend Work Wraps up a Good Week; Exciting Stretch Ahead

I had a great chance to win an Egolf event this week. I had a very confident and relaxed attitude in the first two rounds of the tournament, and I tried my best to keep that same demeanor as I carried a one-shot lead into the tournament's third and final round. I was pleased with my mindset during the final round, but I definitely put a little extra pressure on myself. I am disappointed that I executed poorly a few times in the final round and did not shoot a good enough score to hold on to my lead, but I feel like my game and my mentality are still trending upward, and I am excited to keep improving. 

I returned to my East Tennessee home after the final round on Friday and have had a great weekend of practice. My short game needs to get better, and I have put in some quality time on it this weekend. I also spent a lot of time on the putting green and did a good job of finishing all of my putting drills. In fact, with some quality short game work and a couple of very good workouts, I completed all of my process goals for the week. I also spent some time on the range with Bobbo on Saturday, and he confirmed that things are looking good with my golf swing. I really feel like my practice has been good lately, and I'm excited to think that my game is getting better.  

I have a fun stretch of golf in the next few weeks. I will leave Monday afternoon for Lake Wylie, South Carolina, (just south of Charlotte, NC) and an Egolf event at River Hills Country Club. River Hills is a tight and dog-leggy little course that most guys on the Egolf tour hate, so I am pumped to play it. After playing the four-day event at River Hills, I will head to central North Carolina to prepare for a Monday Qualifier for the Nationwide Tour's Raleigh, NC, event. In addition to the possibility of playing that week on the Nationwide Tour, the Egolf Tour also visits Rock Barn Golf and Spa for one of my favorite stops of the year. I definitely hope and expect to play the Nationwide Tour the second week of this road trip, but Rock Barn is not a terrible back-up plan. At the end of that week, I will head up to the Washington D.C. area for U.S. Open qualifying at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, MD. I definitely have a lot of great opportunities in the near future, and I am excited to keep chasing the dream. I am going to catch it!

Thank you for following. Keep it here to enjoy this fun journey with me. Great news is coming!

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