Saturday, July 16, 2011


I was very confident heading into the final round of this week's Egolf event. After playing decently well in the first three rounds of the Southern Open at Irish Creek, I felt like I was just a few good putts away from having a great round. Unfortunately, my already cool putter turned even colder in the final round, and despite some pretty good ball-striking, I had to settle for a two-under-par round of 69. That round sent me plummeting down the leaderboard and left me in a large tie for 15th at the end of the tournament.

It is very disappointing to again be so close to playing well but have nothing more than a mediocre finish to show for it. I am happy with my play and very encouraged by the potential that I am continuing to show, but I am ready to have some kind of breakthrough performance. I had very much expected to play well this week, but I can tell that I still have some work to do so that all areas of my game will be sharp at the same time.

My practice lately has been good, but I have definitely been struggling a little bit with my putting drills. I haven't been super comfortable over the putter all week, but after the round today I spent some quality time on the practice green and had the best session I have had in a while. I also did some good work with my wedges on the driving range this afternoon and feel like I am continuing to improve with those clubs. My practice during tournament weeks sometimes becomes a little scatter-brained and inefficient, but my practice after today's final round was a great example of what I want my days to look like during the tournament.

I don't have to wait very long for another chance at the Egolf Tour. Next week the tour will be in Aiken, South Carolina, for an event, and I am extremely confident and ready to have a great tournament. By the way, I know it's getting to be very close to tournament time, but I am still looking for a potential host in the Aiken, SC, or Augusta, GA, areas. If anyone knows people in that part of the country, I would be very appreciative if you could put me in touch with them.

I am still going strong! I am definitely ready to have a breakthrough performance somewhere, but I know that it is coming in the near future. My game is very good, and, though I have probably been putting a little too much pressure on myself lately, I am still having tons of fun chasing my dream.

I need to have a couple of good days of practice and preparation, but I will be ready to go on Wednesday when next week's Egolf event begins. Keep it here for a practice report and a pre-tournament update in the next few days. Thank you so much for following me!

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