Thursday, July 28, 2011

Having a Great Week

Following the conclusion of last week's Egolf Tournament, I actually surprised myself by enjoying a full two days off from my golf clubs. I had a relaxing Sunday and, after a short morning workout, used Monday as a leisurely travel day to get home to beautiful Dandridge, TN. Though I have never really struggled with any kind of "burn out" or tiredness related to golf, the two-day break did have me charged up and ready to go on Tuesday. The last three days have been some of my most productive all summer, and I am continuing to feel better and better about my game.

I have enjoyed the sense of normalcy that has come with this week off from competition. I have been getting up early and exercising before the heat of the day becomes overpowering and then packing my lunch and heading to one of my "offices" for some long, hot, fun days of practice. I have spent a huge chunk of my time this week working on my distance control with my wedges and trying to get my putts starting on the right line more consistently. In addition to that, I have had some mini-competition in the form of two 18-hole matches the last two days. My practice sessions have been difficult, but the fruits of the work have shown in two very effortlessly good rounds the last couple days.

I am determined to get through my process goals this week. I feel fairly satisfied with the practice sessions that I have been having the past several weeks, but I have continuously come up short of achieving all of my practice goals, and there is really no excuse for that. I have putted fairly well for the most part all year, but my wedge play and putting both definitely have room for improvement, and I am certain that completing my process goals each week will help me get over the hump and find the breakthrough to which I am so close.

Speaking of that breakthrough, I am exciting about the plans that I have for the near future. On Saturday I will drive up to Missouri just for a night on my way to Omaha, Nebraska, by Sunday where I will compete in the Monday Qualifier for the Nationwide Tour's Cox Classic on Monday. The Nationwide Tour starts a very nice stretch for me in which it visits Omaha, NE, Springfield, MO, Kansas City, KS, Knoxville, TN, and Pittsburgh, PA, on consecutive weeks. I am hoping that I can play well in the Omaha qualifier and start a nice little run for myself. As a very good (though hopefully irrelevant) back-up plan, the Egolf Tour has two remaining regular-season events which will take place in the first and second weeks of August. Should I have any unexpected trouble qualifying for the Nationwide Events, I will fly back to the southeast and try to improve upon my solid play for the year at that level. I am ready to play well and do something great, so I am excited to have a lot of opportunities in the near future to do just that.

First things first, though: I need to continue to have a strong week of practice right now. My trusty mentor/coach Bobbo and I haven't been able to get together yet this week, but I'm hoping that we will tomorrow. I am confident that I am working on the correct things and moving in the right direction, but his input is almost always helpful.

By the way, something about which I am particularly excited right now is my chipping. I have struggled with my chipping all year by my standards, but I feel like I have really turned a corner in the past ten days in that regard. I'll keep you posted on my progress, but I am very encouraged by what I have seen lately around the greens.

That's all for now. I feel great, but I know that I can continue to sharpen my game and find more consistency. Keep it here for more news as I keep working towards my goals!

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