Friday, July 22, 2011

Hard Day but Holding It Together

My play today in the third round of the Egolf Tour's Scratch Golf Championship was very inconsistent. A few good shots in a row would give way to a "what-the-heck?" shot and leave me scrambling. To my credit, I had a great attitude all day and continued to believe in myself, but just couldn't string together enough good shots to get anything going. I offset two bogeys with only three birdies and had to settle for a one-under-par round of 71. I still have a lot of confidence in my game and feel like I can play a very good round to finish the tournament tomorrow.

Here is a story from today's round that makes me proud: In each of my first two rounds, I have three-putted my final hole for disappointing bogeys. Today, I hit a poor nine iron into the 18th hole and faced a 40-foot putt up a tier. The frustrating way that I had finished each of the first two rounds crossed my mind, and I did misjudge the first putt to leave myself five feet for my par. I pushed all distracting thoughts from my mind and just trusted my routine and rolled the par putt right into the left-center of the cup. It was certainly a small victory, but I am proud that I didn't let the negative thoughts from earlier rounds impact my approach to that final putt.

I started the day in fourth place and two shots behind the leaders. I am now in tenth place and four shots behind, but I still feel like I am in good position heading into tomorrow's final round. I need to drive the ball consistently well (like I did in round 1) and have the putter get hot, but if I stay relaxed and patient, I can have a great day tomorrow. I know that it will be a fun final round. Come back for a tournament wrap up after the round tomorrow. Thank you for following!

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