Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still Ready for a Great First Round

Even though I was one of the very first groups scheduled to tee off in today's first round of the Egolf Tour's Irish Creek Classic, I never hit the first competitive shot today. Steady rains left the course unplayable, and thunderstorms served as a vocal reminder that we could not be on the course. After a morning of killing time and waiting for the inevitable announcement that we would not be playing, I had a great afternoon. Some relaxation while the rain moved out had me feeling good for an early-evening jog and an after-dinner "practice" session where I hit a few balls in the empty lots across the street from my host family's house. I hate that I didn't get to compete today, but my body and my mind are both ready for a great round tomorrow. The weather forecast is still a little iffy, but I'm thinking we'll at least get to play some golf tomorrow. I'm ready for anything, and I'm confident that it'll be a great day! Come back to hear about it in the evening.

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