Friday, March 18, 2011

Home, Happy, and Ready to Go!

I am in Dandridge, Tennessee, and it feels so good! My travel home turned a little bit nightmare-ish Wednesday night in New York. After a delay getting out of Morocco, we landed in New York just an hour before my flight was scheduled to leave to get me back to Atlanta. I made a mad-dash through customs, got my bags quickly, made a second quick pass through customs, and efficiently navigated my way to the U.S. Airways counter twenty minutes before my flight's take-off time. I was dripping with sweat, but excited because I thought I had made it. Wrong. I wasn't even allowed to check in, and was told that I wouldn't be leaving until the next morning. So, I spent the night in the international terminal of JFK airport. It was a good life experience, but not one that I want to repeat ever again. After sleeping very little, I got on my 6:20 a.m. flight and started the journey to Atlanta. Two flights and an hour shuttle ride later, it was 1 p.m., and I was at Callaway Gardens. I hit balls and chipped and putted for a few hours that afternoon and spent the night with my good friends (The Shavers--thank you!) at Callaway Gardens that night, before driving home this (Friday) morning. I stopped for an hour on the drive home to be uncle Pete, but rolled into the beautiful Malnati Resort just after 2:00 p.m. and almost kissed the ground. (I hugged my mother instead.) I went out to Dandridge Golf Course for a relaxing afternoon of practice, and soon I will curl up in my own bed! I honestly had a very enjoyable experience in Morocco, but I am extremely happy to be home right now.

I have nine days here before I will leave for the next Egolf event, which is at The Club at Irish Creek in Kannapolis (North Charlotte), North Carolina. I need to have some really good practice in the coming week. My game was definitely not very good in Africa, but I don't feel like I am far from playing very well. I tried to work towards my process goals the second week in Morocco, but did not do a good job of achieving all of them. I'm excited to resume good practice and fitness habits. I will do some really good work on my game this weekend, but starting Monday, I am really going to commit to my process goals. I will have a great week of practice in the coming week, and I will keep it going moving foward.

I'm excited to keep getting better. I feel good about the way I have started the year, even though I didn't have good results in Africa, and I know that I will keep getting better. Keep it here for some practice reports from beautiful Dandridge, TN!

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