Friday, April 1, 2011

I Was Going to Win!

I can't remember a tournament at which I was present ever being completely cancelled, but that is exactly what happened this week at the Egolf Tour's Irish Creek Classic. After working hard for two practice rounds and getting myself mentally prepared for some harsh playing conditions, I never got to hit the first shot in the tournament. Day one was a washout on Wednesday, and efforts to play the first round on Thursday also proved hopeless as the host course, The Club at Irish Creek, was too saturated from 36 hours of rain to be playable. I was scheduled to play my first round at Cabarrus Country Club and was very much expecting to play on Thursday, but after warming up only to be delayed three different times and having a very good practice session as well, the tournament was finally called off just before noon. I really feel like my game is sharp and I am confident that I was going to have a good week, but I know that I'll just be even more excited and prepared when I tee it up in less than two weeks at the Egolf event at St. James Plantation.

It is a bummer to not get the chance to compete, but the weather and the decisions of the tournament committee are both things over which I have no control, so I'm not going to worry about them. I have been having a great week of practice despite the difficult weather, and my game is continuing to grow better. I have done a great job so far this week of working towards my process goals, and I feel great about that. My ball-striking is getting better, and my competance with my wedges and putter is really high right now. I'm having a great week even without the tournament.

I am back home now, and I'm looking forward to a great week of practice here before heading to St. James Plantation on the Atlantic coast of North Carolina at the end of next week. In addition to that, I have also officially registered for my first two Nationwide Tour Monday Qualifiers of the year. Reaching the Nationwide Tour's Tour Championship is my number one outcome goal for the year, so I am extremely excited for the chance to start making steps towards that when the Nationwide Tour comes to Georgia in the end of April.

I really feel like I was ready to play well in the Egolf event this week. I am going to keep that positive energy alive as I move into a week and a half of preparations for the next tournament. Keep it here for some practice reports from Beautiful Dandridge, TN, as I work towards my goals.

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