Thursday, March 10, 2011

All-Golf Report from El-Jadida

The golf course here at Royal Golf El Jadida is one of the sweetest I have ever played, and it suits my game as well as any course I have seen in a long time. I feel like I can successfully compete at any course, but I know that I am at my best on tight golf courses with small greens that require a lot of precision. This course has some of the smallest landing areas off the tee and on the greens of any place that I have ever seen. The course is difficult, but I love it.

I played an early practice round this morning and started to feel a lot better about my game. I need to stay within myself a little bit more than I did last week in the desert, and I feel like I'm doing a good job of that so far this week. The firm fairways and dry air of last week encouraged me to try to hit the ball a mile, but I know that that is not my game, and I am very satisfied hitting fairways and smoothing 7-irons from 152 yards, rather than trying to bomb drives and jump on 9-iron from 145. I have really tried not to hit anything hard the last two days, and I feel a great deal of rhythm coming back into my golf swing. I'm really starting to feel good about it again.

I have also been back into a good fitness routine the last three days. After allowing a couple of recovery days after my sickness five nights ago, I have enjoyed a nice run, a couple of light workouts, and a great stretching session in the past three days. I really do feel like I'm 100% right now.

I feel great, and I really like this golf course. I fully expect that I will win this week. I am playing the pro-am for the event tomorrow, and the tournament begins on Saturday. I need to have some wedge and putting practice just to further sharpen those areas of my game, but I truly think that my game is ready to win out here.

Keep it here for another report soon!

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