Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great Practice This Week

My game was definitely a little bit off starting the week. I was mis-hitting a lot of shots and losing most shots to the right. In addition, my short game and wedge play didn't feel sharp at all. I feel like a whole new golfer now, though. A little work with Bobbo and a lot of very good practice has me hitting the ball much better, and I can feel my short game returning to good form as well. I have had very full days of practice this week and have done a good job balancing time between the practice facilities and the golf course. It has been a rewarding week because I have played at least nine holes everyday, and each day I can see the work that I am doing turn into good results on the golf course. I definitely need to become more consistent with everything, but I feel like I am on my way to playing great golf in the very near future.

I have done a pretty good job this week working toward my process goals. I have already spent hours working on my distance control with my wedges, and have tried multiple times each day to do my putting drills. I have only completed two putting drills so far, but I can tell that I am rolling the ball very well and have seen very positive results from my putter on the course. I have also had very good workouts and runs so far this week and am feeling great. I must do some work the rest of the week to complete all of my process goals, but I will get them done.

I feel good about my game and especially good about the direction that it is heading. I'm really feeling comfortable with everything--including my new clubs, which are finally starting to produce the shots that I knew they would. A couple of you have asked for some specifics about the new sticks, so tomorrow I'll come back on here and post a "golf-geek" report with all the specifics about my new weapons. That will be fun!

Things are great, and I'm excited. I have got a few more days at home before I hit the road for my next event. I am going to take full advantage of my time here and be well-prepared to compete for a win when I leave. Come back tomorrow for the report about my new clubs and in the next couple days for another practice report from beautiful Dandridge, TN!

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