Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Golf-Geek's Report: My New Clubs

I am really starting to see the advantages of being fit for my golf clubs. There has been quite an adjustment period, but I am now hitting the ball more consistently and finding that my misses are finishing closer to the target than they have in the past. I have tried not to be very technical with anything in my golf game, and my equipment is no exception, but I am excited to have clubs that are built to fit my game and help me be more consistent. Here is what I'm working with these days:

Driver: Titleist 910 D3; 8.5 degree; Oban Devotion 7x shaft; Club Setting D1
In short, this driver is very low-launch and low-spin. The shaft is stiffer than anything I've used before, and the D1 setting lowers the loft by .75 degrees and opens the face 1.5 degrees. I like the driver because I can really stay behind the ball and release the club without much chance of hitting it left. While I can still launch the ball on a nice trajectory, I do hit it a little lower and with much less spin than my previous drivers, so I can play much more easily in the wind. I'm excited about this new driver!

3 Wood: Titleist 910 F; 13.5 degree; Fujikura Rombax P95x shaft; Club Setting A1
This three wood has a shallower face than the one I was using before, so I am able to hit it much more easily off the ground. I actually launch the ball way up in the air with this club, and almost have to work hard to keep it down when hitting it off the tee. Like the driver, I have a hard time getting the ball to turn left with this club, so that allows me to swing it aggressively. I'm not in love with this club yet off of the tee, but I think it is going to be a par-5 killer for me from the fairways, and I know that I will grow to trust it off of the tee.

Hyrbid: Titleist 910 H; 19 degree; Fujikura Speeder 904h shaft; Club Setting A1
This club is one of the biggest differences in my new bag. I used to have a very soft shaft in my hybrid club and could hit all kinds of high, curvy shots with it, but it was too inconsistent to trust as a weapon on tight driving holes and long par 3s. This new shaft is heavy, stiff, and very consistent. I have to work really hard to vary my ball flight with this new hybrid, but it is going to deliver consitent, dependable performance. I like it!

Irons: Titleist 710 CB; 4-PW; Tour KBS X shafts; Standard Length; 2 degrees upright
These irons feel amazing. They are not quite as forgiving as my old AP2's, but they look and feel so much better that I am willing to sacrifice that. I had never heard of a KBS shaft before being fit, but I am able to launch the ball a little higher with them and find that the ball flies much more consistently in the wind with the new shafts. I am also thrilled to finally have irons that have the proper lie angle for me. My previous clubs were too flat, but now I can see that my divots are better, and I don't have to manipulate the club with my hands to get the ball started on line. I really like my new irons.

Wedges: Titleist Vokey Spin Milled 51, 55, 60 degree; Raw finish; 1 degree upright
I'm pumped about my new wedges. They look just like my previous wedges, but I have reconfigured my iron set (no 3 iron, 4 iron one degree strong) to allow for an additional wedge. I used to carry just a 54 and 60 degree wedge, but found that the yardage gap between my pitching wedge and 54 degree wedge was too large to allow me to play successfully on firm greens. Now I have more options and can more easily hit a variety of shots into the greens with my wedges. I am going to be deadly from inside of 125 yards!

Putter: Odyssey DFX 2-ball Mallet
This is old trusty. I've been using the same model since I was a sophomore in high school more or less. I love it. I am looking into ordering a Scotty Cameron, but I want to find something I like more than mine first. I'll keep you posted.

One other thing that applies to all of my new clubs and is different is the fact that I now have two wraps of tape under my grips. That is a small, but noticable change in the way the club feels in my hands, but I'm quite comfortable with it.

That's my new bag. I'm pumped about it, and I know that my new sticks will be one of the contributing factors that help me get to my goals this year. Keep it here for more about how they are working!

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