Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hugely Encouraging Day

I have to admit that I wasn't feeling great about my golf game on Monday evening. I played a practice round on Monday during which I hit very few solid golf shots, and I didn't have any encouraging practice sessions, either. I did, however, discover one swing thought as I was leaving the golf course that I thought might be helpful. It occurred to me that my footwork didn't feel quite right in my golf swing, and my right heel was coming off the ground much too early as the club neared the impact zone. I thought of this too late to give it much of a try on the driving range on Monday, but I awoke early on Tuesday, and armed with the excitement of my new thought, I proceeded to have my most productive and encouraging golf day of the year.

I accomplished so much on Tuesday. I did a great stretch and workout to start the day, and then had a morning practice session during which I hit balls for about an hour and then worked on my chipping and pitching for half an hour. I worked on my thought about my footwork, and the results were instant and dramatic. I was hitting the ball solidly and was able to curve it both ways on command. It felt great. That feeling carried into my short game session, and when I headed home for lunch, I was pumped. After lunch, I arrived at the Founders Club at St. James Plantation for the first round of this week's eGolf event. I had another short practice session on the putting green before beginning my normal pre-round warm-up. Everything felt good.

I played beautifully in round 1. I was hitting the ball solidly and felt relatively in control in all aspects of the game. I made four birdies and three bogeys for an opening-round 71. Two of my three bogeys were great shots where I simply misjudged the wind and used the wrong club. I really played well, and more importantly, I felt more comfortable on the course than I have all year. That lets me know that great things are coming.

I play at 8:40 on Wednesday morning in round 2. I feel a good one coming! Keep it here for more news. Thank you for following me.

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