Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeling Great, Looking Good at St. James

My results aren't quite stellar yet, but my performance is feeling very good. I feel more in control of my golf shots now than I have all year, and I am confident that good things are coming soon. I have only a 73 (+1) to show for my second-round effort, but battling some brutally tough conditions on Wednesday morning, I consider that a pretty good score. I had a few blunders here and there and definitely could have shot a better score, but overall, I feel like I am playing very well.

I have just one more day to jump up the leaderboard in this 54-hole event, but given a pretty ugly forecast, I'm thinking that a solid round can really do good things for me in Thursday's finale. I feel good, and I'm ready to play great.

Come back for a final-round report and a look at an exciting week ahead. Thank you for following me!

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