Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Days Off in Charlotte, Now Home to Work

I definitely feel like I've been progressing very nicely for the past month. A steady diet of tournaments over the past four weeks have me into the flow of the season and I feel like my game and my mentality are developing nicely. I tried to keep my momentum rolling with another Carolinas Pro Tour event this Monday/Tuesday in Charlotte, NC, but I guess my head was in Valdosta, Georgia, where the Nationwide Tour is making its first appearance in the Southeastern United States this week. I had planned to play the Monday Qualifier for that event, but waited too long file my entry and was placed on a waiting list. I didn't get into the field for the Monday Qualifier, and unfortunately, I never got my head into the Carolinas Tour Event either. Though my game still felt good, I made a lot of careless mistakes and hit a bit of cold stretch with my putter to shoot 76, 74 and finish one shot out of the money. Conditions were brutally windy and fairly chilly as well, so those scores aren't quite as bad as they may seem, but I was definitely not myself. I hit into two water hazards and out of bounds twice on Monday and had a pair of three-putts from inside of thirty feet on Tuesday. It was just sloppy, unintelligent golf. Despite that though, I still feel good about the quality of my game.

I returned home for the first time in a while on Wednesday morning, and am ready to have a great week of work. A quick session with Bobbo and some great time on the putting green Wednesday afternoon have me feeling good. Though I did play a 36-hole tournament this week, I'm going to hold myself accountable for my non-tournament-week process goals, and I'm going to get them done.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up, starting with the Monday Qualifier for next week's Nationwide Tour event in Athens, GA. Though this week's tournament results were disappointing, I don't really view them as a setback at all. This tournament was just a little hiccup on my steady climb to great things this year. A solid few days of work will have me right back on track and better than ever. Thank you for following me! Keep it here for a good practice report in a couple of days and a pre-qualifier update from Athens, GA. 

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