Monday, April 30, 2012

Great Day of Preparation on Sunday; Time to Monday Q

After a fairly poor performance in a fun match on Saturday afternoon, I knew I had some work to do to end last week on a good note. I spent nearly three hours Saturday evening working on my wedges and short game and then left early Sunday morning to make the trip down to Athens, GA, to start preparations for this week's Monday Qualifier for the Nationwide Tour event. I played a very productive practice round at the qualifying course, The Georgia Club, and then had a very efficient practice session afterwards as well. With a perfect performance on my three-foot putt drill yesterday afternoon, I completed all of my non-tournament week process goals, and I really feel like I took advantage of my short break from competition Wednesday-Sunday. My practice is continuing to feel better and better, so I am confident great results are coming soon.

I tee it up this (Monday) afternoon at 1:50 in the Monday Qualifier. Monday Q's are difficult this time of year as 150+ people will be playing for seven spots in the tournament field, but I know that if I can stay relaxed and execute well, I will be in great shape to qualify. I feel good about everything, so I will be able to enjoy myself out there this afternoon. Come back later tonight for some good news!

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