Thursday, April 12, 2012

All about the Process

Well, the results were disappointing in round 2. After my electrifying first-round 63, my execution was not very good in the second round. I was loose with my tee shots, wasn't very good with my irons, and was average but not spectacular with my short game and putter. The end result was a four-over-par round of 76 on the Reserve Course at St. James Plantation. My attitude was close to being very good, though. I did stay fairly relaxed and enjoy myself all day, but I definitely get a little bit too "outcome-oriented" when I'm out on the course during competition. As long as I commit to a good game plan on every shot, I should be at peace with the results no matter what, but sometimes I want so badly to hit good shots that I forget this. All is well, though, and I am still in contention going into the weekend on one of my favorite golf courses, so I am excited to go find that loving feeling again! If I can focus on the process and not get wrapped up in the outcome, I will stay relaxed and have more good days than bad. The next two days will be a lot of fun! Come back for a round-3 report tomorrow.

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