Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Almost Go-Time at One of My Favorite Venues

This week's Egolf event, the Championship at St. James, will take place at two great golf courses. I will play my first round tomorrow at the Founder's Course before moving across the plantation to the Reserve Course for the second round on Thursday. The Reserve Course will also host the tournament's third and fourth rounds. Both courses for this event are very demanding. Plenty of trouble awaits errant shots off the tee and into the greens. The green complexes are very difficult at the Founders Course and only slightly less challenging at the Reserve. There is very little opportunity for rest at either course, and I am excited about that. Success at these two courses will require a great game plan and a lot of solid execution. I know my way around this place very well and am excited for the challenge that this event will offer.

With that said, I must be honest and admit that my game has not been sharp in practice rounds the last two days. I felt quite out of sync and really struggled to find any consistency with my ball-striking. I did hit a few good shots here and there, though, and don't feel like anything is too severely out of whack. My game has been feeling great all spring and the last couple weeks have really furthered that feeling, so I am confident that I'll find that lovin' feeling for this tournament.

I really like these two golf courses and fully expect to have a great event here. I know that the only way to do that, however, is to go out and execute a solid plan on each and every shot without worrying about the results. I'm going to have fun this week and stay relaxed throughout. There is good news coming, so keep it here to hear about it!

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