Tuesday, April 3, 2012

At The Palisades for Carolina's Tour--Good First Round

I finished up a solid effort last week with an efficient weekend of practice at Dandridge Golf Course. I worked hard on my fitness and put in the time to finish all of my process goals, but also spent a little bit of time relaxing at home this weekend. Then, after a good day of work on Monday, I left for a trip that will keep me on the road for at least four weeks, so it was good that I was able to soak up a little bit of time in my Dandridge, TN, home.

The first stop on this trip is Charlotte, North Carolina, for a two-day event on the Carolina's Pro Golf Tour at a course called the Palisades Country Club. The first round was today (Tuesday), and I really felt great. Palisades is a very visually intimidating golf course, but it actually offers quite a bit of room and a lot of short iron approaches into greens, so scores were quite good today. I hit 17 greens (and had an easy birdie putt from the fringe on the other hole) and shot a six-birdie, one-bogey round of 67 to stand in a tie for second place, two shots behind my best buddy Mikel Martinson. There are a lot of scores between 65 and 69, so tomorrow will be a very fun final round.

Tomorrow will be a great opportunity for me. I badly want to win, but I know that the best way to do that is to go out and take care of my business and not worry about what the players around me are doing. I obviously am starting to feel very good about my game, and if I can stay in the present and just do my thing tomorrow, I'm confident that it will be a good day. In any event, if I can stay relaxed and enjoy myself, I know that I will give a good performance. I will have a good attitude tomorrow!

Come back here for a great report from the final round and check out the results at www.carolinasprogolftour.com.

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