Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Work So Far This Week

After an efficient practice session on Wednesday afternoon during which I worked on my swing a little bit with Bobbo and knocked out a couple of my putting drills, I was feeling very good about things. So on Thursday afternoon, I went down to Holston Hills to get in a little match with some of my buddies. Rain and thunderstorms pushed our start time back until 4:00 pm, but I was excited to play. We played 13 holes, and I felt good about my game. I hit the ball very well, and though I was fairly cold with the putter, I made a couple of nice birdie putts. I made ten pars and three birdies in the match. That is never going to blow anyone away at Holston Hills, but with those scores I would expect to be in a close match and possibly sneak out a victory. On Thursday, however, my buddy Braxton Hunter birdied eight out of thirteen holes and gave me quite a beating. Though I wasn't disappointed with my play, I'd be lying to say that the results of the match didn't motivate me a little bit. I had a great day of practice on Friday. I had a follow-up session with Bobbo in which we confirmed that everything is looking good, and then I went to work. I knocked out two more putting drills, including my six footers, which are typically the most challenging for me, and spent more than two hours in the afternoon working with my wedges. I put in some quality work on Friday, and I'm excited that my game still feels like it is improving. 

I'm going to play golf here in East Tennessee today (Saturday) before I hit the road early Sunday morning for Athens, GA, where I will be playing the Monday Qualifier for next week's Nationwide Tour event there. I'm excited about the opportunities that are waiting for me. I need to have a solid weekend of preparation though, and I will do just that. I've put a good dent in all of my process goals already, but I need to stay focused and finish the week strongly. 

Come back for a pre-Qualifier report and a weekend practice report Monday morning. Thank you for following!

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