Sunday, April 8, 2012

Big Sunday; Ready for a Great Week

Finishing my process goals is very important to me. My goals keep my practice very focused and ensure that I am keeping myself and my golf game in prime condition. This week I was having a hard time getting my practice goals finished. I did a great job and even over-performed my fitness goals, but between some poor practice conditions early in the week, poor weather most of friday, and a full schedule of playing golf all week, I had hardly even put a dent in my practice goals by Saturday evening. Lots of time on the golf course this week--including the Carolinas Pro Tour event Tuesday/Wednesday in Charlotte--had my game feeling sharp, but I wasn't very intentional with devoting any time towards practice. A busy schedule with my host family on Easter meant I would have to be efficient on Sunday, too, but I was determined to hammer out some drills and have a great day of work to finish my week. I am glad to say that I did just that. I was grinding around the chipping and putting greens for a few hours late morning and early afternoon, but I completed three putting drills and nearly an hour and a half of short game drills. I also worked on a my wedge play on the driving range and spent some time checking my alignment and swing path with my putter. At the end of the day, I had completed all of my goals for the week, and still had plenty of time and energy for a relaxing Easter dinner in the evening. It truly was a great day.

I really do feel tournament-type pressure when I am getting near the end of my drills. It is great practice because I have to remember that I cannot control the results, but only my preparation for each shot. If I stay in the moment and remember to enjoy the process, I usually hit pretty good shots under pressure, and I know that the same holds true for dealing with pressure situations out on the golf course. I am not always going to get the results that I want, but if I take care of the things that I can control and stay relaxed enough to enjoy myself, I know that I will get good results more often than not. I was definitely feeling pressure coming down the stretch of my last two putting drills of the week, but I was able to get them done.

The Egolf Tour plays this week at a place called St. James Plantation in Southport, NC. I have been on site here since Thursday evening, and I really enjoy both courses that will be used for this week's event. I feel like my game is in great shape and getting better each day, so I'm excited for what could potentially be a great week here. I need to do a better job this week of keeping up with my practice goals as the week goes on, but I'm pleased with the way that I am starting to settle into a good tournament routine as the heart of the season begins to get rolling. There are a lot of good things happening in my golf game, and I am excited to share great news with you soon. I'll be back with another update before the tournament gets started on Wednesday. Keep it right here to enjoy the ride with me!

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