Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quick Summary of Last Week; Ready for a Big Week in Greensboro

A lot of great things happened this past week. I "went low" for the first time in while and shot a course record 63 at the Founders Course at St. James in the opening round of the Egolf Tour's Championship at St. James. I overcame a disappointing second round and kept myself in contention for the win all weekend before eventually finishing tied for second place in the tournament. Most importantly, I made great strides forward in terms of my thought process and comfort level on the golf course and now have the feeling that my 2012 is getting ready to really take me places. On a less positive note, what didn't happen this past week was the completion of all of my practice goals. I had a great week of work towards my fitness and I feel like I did the things that I needed to do this week to have my game primed for the tournament rounds, but I did my worst job of the year in terms of achieving my practice goals. Last year I fell into the habit neglecting my process goals during busy stretches of tournament golf, and I believe that cost me late in the year, so I will not make that mistake again this year. My process goals are very realistic and are great preparation for me, and I will make them a priority. I don't want to have to report about not completing them anymore this year. I'm not exactly beating myself up over anything from this past week, but I really am going to ensure that my practice goals get completed each week moving forward.

I am now in Greensboro, NC, and am getting ready for a busy week of competition. I am playing a Carolinas Pro Tour event Monday and Tuesday at a great course called Bryan Park and will immediately turn around and tee it up in an Egolf event at Forest Oaks Country Club Wednesday-Friday. It will definitely be busy, but I am so excited about tournament golf right now that I am more than ready to "double up" this week. I tee off at 10:48 at Bryan Park tomorrow morning, and I am looking forward to competing and working more on my tournament mindset. This is going to be a very fun week. Keep it here for nightly updates of all the action!

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