Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rough Week So Far But Plenty of Good Stuff

I know that I am very positive with the things that I publish on this blog. That is partly because I am trying to have a great attitude and find the good in everything, but in all honesty, I rarely have very much about which to complain or be negative. I would be lying, however, to say that I am excited by the way that I have been hitting the ball this week. The past few days have been a test from a ball-striking perspective, and I really am not happy with the way that I have been hitting it, but I am still very excited moving forward. Inconsistency with my longer shots has forced me to work very hard in the two matches that I have had this week, but my short game and putting have really been shining, so I will take great encouragement from that. I have some work to do to get back that "lovin' feeling" with my full shots, but I truly do believe that my game is rounding into shape very nicely.

I mentioned that I have had two matches so far this week. Despite hitting a lot of golf shots that let me know I am on the right track, my ball-striking has put me behind the eight-ball more often than it has helped me. The work that I have done on my wedge play, short game, and putting is really showing, though, and I have managed rounds of 72 and 69. Those scores are not good by any means, but both are okay scores for rounds that felt like a struggle. My play has been just good enough to eek out a tie in both matches.

I am going to have a great day of practice tomorrow (Friday) and then get back on the horse with matches scheduled for both days on the weekend. I will hit some balls with Bobbo tomorrow morning before having a thorough afternoon of practice by myself at Dandridge Golf Course. Though I have had great short game and putting practice again this week, I have some work to do over the next three days to complete all of my process goals. I will get them done, though!

My practice certainly has not been perfect this week. I would definitely like to be feeling better about my ball-striking, but I feel great overall and am confident that I am just one little feeling away from hitting it great. Everything else really does feel good. My fitness is as good as ever and continues to improve. I am feeling ready to get a great year of tournament golf started. A week-and-a-half more of strong preparation, and it will be go time! Keep it here for a report from my matches this weekend and a week-end summary. Thank you very much for following!

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