Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just Short of a Perfect Weekend of Practice

Bad golf is certainly a little bit disheartening at times, but my poor performance this week really has me motivated right now. I spent the weekend in Athens, Georgia, and had one of the nation's best practice facilities (partly pictured above) at my disposal. I was able to have some relaxing time with my sweetheart, Miss Alicia, but also spent quite a bit of time working on my golf game.

Quality practice on all areas of my golf game and solid work on my fitness characterized the weekend. I had a couple of great range sessions and feel like I'm hitting the ball very well. I also spent a lot of good time working with my wedges around the greens. Despite creating some difficult challenges during my practice this weekend, I was able to complete all of my short game/wedge play process goals for the week. One of my most frustrating shortcomings from the tournaments the past two weeks was my balky putter. I know that I am a great putter, and it is probably the area of my game to which I devote the most attention, so a poor performance on the greens leaves me especially motivated. I had great putting practice this weekend. I knocked out two putting drills on my first attempt, and spent some quality time checking my alignment and the path of my stroke. (Both seemed to be good.) Everything was cruising along, and I was right on schedule. It was 3:30 on Sunday afternoon, and I needed only one more putting drill to complete all of my process goals for the week. I feel good about my stroke, but I just couldn't make all my three-footers, so for the first time in five weeks and only the second time all year I have failed to complete all of my process goals. It was a fitting conclusion to a frustrating week with my putter.

With all that said, I don't want to discount the fact that it was a great weekend. I'm disappointed to not have completed all of my process goals, but you can bet that I am very motivated not to have this feeling again. I was feeling a bit lost after the tournament this week, but my game is back on track after this weekend of practice. Monday morning brings a fresh new week, and I am excited to get after it! Keep it here for all the news as I get my game into winning shape!

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