Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick (But Good) Week-end Report

It took an intense Sunday afternoon on the practice facilities at the University of Georgia Golf Course, but for the second consecutive week, I have completed all of my process goals. I am very happy with how much better I am putting the ball right now than I was three weeks ago, and my short game has improved dramatically as well. Great putting greens and short game areas at the UGA Course made for some challenging chipping and putting drills this weekend, but I was able to persevere and achieve my objectives. I was also very thorough with my fitness work again this week and continue to feel great physically. It was a great week all around, and I am very excited as I enter my final two weeks of preparation before heading to Hilton Head Island to kick off my 2012 campaign.

I will continue to work towards achieving all of my process goals in the next two weeks, but I am also going to try to add more days of semi-competitive matches with my friends to further prepare my game for tournament conditions. I feel ready now, but I know that more preparation and playing more good rounds against my buddies will have me ready to put my very best foot forward when I tee it up in two weeks. Thank you for following, and keep it here for more updates along the way!

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