Friday, February 17, 2012

Round 3: Yuck

Well, I'm not really sure what to say, so I am not going to say too much about my third round. I was a bit shaky from tee to green and not sharp on and around the greens either. One particularly bad shot led to my taking an unplayable lie and making a double-bogey on the par-3 4th hole, and other than that, I just hit a variety of poor to mediocre shots. My chipping was less than stellar as well, and I actually did miss a couple of putts in the 4-6 foot range today. It all added up to a disappointing third-round score of 77.

I am determined to take something positive from every round, and there are definitely a couple of key things that I will remember from today. First of all, I had a nice warm-up session this morning and really went to the first tee feeling comfortable and confident that it would be a good day. It obviously didn't work out today, but I like that feeling. I did hit some very good drives today, and I will remember those. I also hit a handful of iron shots worth putting in the memory bank, so the day has left me with some good things.

I am still building and the year is very young, so I am not too concerned about my off day today. I am glad that there is still a round left in this tournament for me to play well. I need to climb back up the leaderboard a little bit tomorrow, but more than that, a good round tomorrow will be valuable to me as I try to get some momentum rolling for the 2012 season.

I am still pumped about the week I am having here. I hope to finish it with a strong round tomorrow. Come back for a round 4 report and a tournament wrap-up tomorrow in the evening!

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