Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Quick Update from the Last Three Days

Though a cold blast has hit East Tennessee this weekend, I was able to have an incredibly productive Thursday and Friday before being confined to mostly indoor practicing by arctic temperatures and blustery winds on Saturday. Thursday was one of my most thorough days of practice of the year and featured two hours of great short game and wedge-play work, the completion of my six-footer putting drill, and a quick nine holes during which I hit the ball very well. On Friday, Bobbo and I played at a new course in our area called Sevierville Golf Club. It is a fairly challenging layout that was quite demanding in the chilly conditions in which we were playing, and I hit the ball excellently. In conditions that made me hit a lot of good drives and long-iron approach shots, I shot even par without really putting very well. I showed some great signs and am very excited about the way everything is coming together. I did some putting work and made some practice swings in the warmth of my basement on Saturday, but will definitely bundle up and battle the cold to have a short practice session on Sunday before hitting the road for Hilton Head Island in the afternoon. I was able to knock out the majority the of my process goals by Friday afternoon, but I do need to have another 15 minutes of short game work and one more putting drill to complete everything for the week, so tomorrow's practice session will be very driven. It has been a very strong week so far, and I'm confident that I can put the finishing touches on it with a short day of work in the cold tomorrow morning/early afternoon.

I am really feeling prepared to get my competitive schedule started. My process goals have pushed me a lot in both my practice and my fitness work, and I am feeling great about the improvements that I have made in both areas. I feel as excited and confident as I can ever remember being right now, so I am excited that it is finally time to get going. On Sunday afternoon, I hit the road for Hilton Head Island and will play the first Egolf Professional Tour event of the year there next week. Come back for a quick report Sunday evening to hear about my final day of practice in Tennessee and make sure that I finished my process goals. I'll update you after my safe trip to to Hilton Head. Thank you for following. I'm hoping next week will be the start of an exciting year for all of us!

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