Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ready to Get Started

It is finally time. I have been hard at work preparing for my 2012 golf season for what seems like ages, and it is finally "go time." I am on Hilton Head Island at a place called Palmetto Hall Plantation for the first event of the year on the Egolf Professional Tour. There are two golf courses here at this site--the Hills course (named for architect Arthur Hills) and the Cupp course (Robert Cupp)--and the tournament will be contested on both venues. I will play my first round on the Cupp course tomorrow before playing the second round on the Hills course on Thursday. The final two rounds will both take place on the Cupp course on Friday and Saturday. The courses are both very demanding and require precision in all facets of the game. Tight fairways with plenty of obstacles and small landing areas on and around the fast, undulating greens characterize both courses, so a premium is placed on ball-striking and strategy. I really enjoy playing golf courses that make the player think a lot and work hard, so this is a great place to start the year for me. I am extremely excited to get going, and I won't have to wait long because tee off at 8:00 a.m. in Wednesday's opening round.

My performance in my two practice rounds actually left me scratching my head at times to be quite honest. I found myself trying a little too hard and feeling a bit uncomfortable over shots that I have been practicing all winter. I certainly have high expectations of myself this year, and the high quality of my preparation lately has served to inflate those expectations. To be successful, however, I know that I need to relax and trust the hard work that I have been doing. Being successful and having fun and intertwined ideas for me, but having fun must come first. I have worked very hard, and I feel great about the shape into which I have gotten my game, but in order to get good results, I need to relax and enjoy myself. I am going to do that today, tomorrow, all week, all year, and for the rest of my career! I do have high expectations, and it sure is going to be fun as I work to reach those heights.

My 2012 tournament campaign starts at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday. Come back in the evening for a full report from round 1!

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