Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Great Course; Ready for a Great Week

I am in Newburgh, Indiana, for this week's Web.com Tour event. The tournament is at a course called Victoria National Golf Club, and it is absolutely astounding. In fact, the course reminds me very much of The Honors Course in Ooltewah, Tennessee--a venue on which I have some fond memories! This week's course features a nice blend of long and short holes, and I think the premium it places on accuracy really plays to my strengths. 

Speaking of my strengths, one of my greatest attributes as a professional golfer is my dedication to an intelligent and intense practice schedule. I have returned to having very productive work over the last three or four weeks, but I still haven't put together a thorough enough effort to complete all of my weekly work goals in quite a while. As I come closer and closer to realizing my ultimate outcome goals, my commitment to my process goals becomes even more important. Starting this week I am re-dedicating myself to my weekly work goals for this year, and I will prioritize my practice in such a way to ensure that I get them done every week! (With that said, I still have two weeks for the remainder of year during which I can let myself out of achieving my goals in order to spend quality time with loved ones--balance is important!)

My game is feeling good, and I'm very excited about this week's event. With a solid week of work, I feel like the major breakthrough that I have been predicting for quite a while is imminent. Keep it here for exciting reports throughout the week. Thank you very much for following me and supporting my career! 

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