Sunday, March 24, 2013

Crazy Tournament Week

As I have already chronicled in a previous post, I left this week's tournament after playing my second round thinking that my 36-hole total of 150 (+6) would not be good enough to make the cut. It turned out that my gutsy second-round comeback was enough to survive the cut and play the weekend. Only problem is no one played the weekend this tournament. The second round was officially completed on Saturday afternoon, but rain, storms, and an over-saturated golf course never let us play any of the weekend rounds. I did make the cut and earn a paycheck, but unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to move up the leaderboard over the final rounds. Though I am disappointed to see my name at the bottom of the list and to have earned a small pay day, I will remember this event for my stick-to-it-tiveness that allowed me to overcome some serious struggles--I was +10 through 25 holes--and post a great second-round score to come back from a first-round 80 and make the cut.

It sure seems worrisome that I have now posted two rounds of 80 in the past two weeks when I had gone more than three years as a professional without ever shooting a score that high. To me, however, it really isn't a cause for concern. I can tell that I am playing well, and though I have definitely been in a little bit of a scoring funk for the past few weeks, my game is continuing to feel solid. I'm confident that my good score from Friday will help me climb out of my recent hard time.

Though I am quite pleased with my efforts on the course over the last week, I did not have a very good week of practice. Bad weather, lots of driving, and a lack of practice facilities at the tournament site all contributed to a poor week, but I did not even come close to finishing my practice goals. I was four putting drills, two hours of short game work, and one ball-striking session short of completing my work goals. One bright spot is that I continued to stay on top of my fitness work. I have completed my fitness goals each week this year, and I feel great. I need to do a better job of staying focused and on-task with my practice sessions moving forward. I can and should get my work goals finished nearly every week, and I will do a better job of that moving forward.

I'm heading back to the eGolf Tour for the next two weeks at a pair of golf courses that I really like. This week is The Reserve Club at St. James Plantation. I will travel there on Monday, practice Tuesday, and then be ready to go for the 72-hole event Wednesday-Saturday. I'm looking forward to posting some good scores and getting back in contention. I'm going to do that by having a solid week of work, playing intelligently, and having fun.

Keep it here for updates throughout the week. Thank you very much for your support!

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