Thursday, July 26, 2012

Missouri Open

After a good Tuesday morning run and a quick practice session in Dandridge, TN, I hit the road and made the 650 mile trip to Columbia, Missouri. The drive went smoothly, and I felt great when I got here. I had a solid morning of practice on Wednesday before playing in the Pro-Am in the afternoon. The Pro-Am marked the first time that I had played the Club at Old Hawthorne this year, but I'd say the 300+ rounds that I have played there dating back to my last couple years in college certainly made it easy for me to feel at home on the course. I definitely feel a bit of extra pressure to play well here because of how warmly everyone in Columbia and at Old Hawthorne has continued to treat me since my days at Mizzou. A good day of preparation on Wednesday had me feeling great heading into Thursday's first round, though, and I was confident and excited to get the Missouri Open started.

I executed very well in the opening round, but stayed icy cold with my putter for most of the day and had to settle for a two-under-par round of 70 when it felt like I played well enough to post something quite low. With the exception of a couple of mishit putts and two poorly struck three-woods on the front-nine par-5's, I am happy with every shot that I hit in the first round. My game is very close to firing on all cylinders, so I am excited about what the next two rounds might hold.

I tee it up at 8:10 central time in Friday's second round. I'm going to play well again and get some good vibes going. Come back in the evening for a more thorough report of the good news! Thank you for following me!

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