Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Focused and Relaxed

I am eager to get back to action. I have been being congratulated for the past week for my win in the last Egolf event, but I know that I have to be in the present. I am excited to have won and have soaked up all of the good experience that winning provides, but for the past seven days, I have been on a mission to prepare myself for more good golf. For the last two days, I have been just north of Charlotte, NC, playing practice rounds to prepare for this week's Egolf event at The Club at Irish Creek and The Country Club of Salisbury. Both venues are fantastic, and I have prepared quite well for them. I am ready for a great week.

I have been determined lately to give my full attention to every golf shot. Though that may seem like a no-brainer, it is surprising how many practice shots I have hit in the past without the least bit of a plan or a thought process. I'm sure that such a mentality makes it easier for me to to have mental slips in tournaments. Therefore, I have really tried in the past week to have a few seconds of planning and mental preparation before each and every shot. I want a thorough thought process to be habitual for me before each shot. This week, I have played two of my best practice rounds ever employing the strategy. My physical skills feel as honed as they have ever been, so a quality mindset should allow me to play very well.

With that said, I know that I tend to put the most pressure on myself at times when I feel the best about my game. For this reason, I know that it is even more important than ever for me to stay relaxed and to enjoy myself on the course. I have always had trouble combining good focus with a relaxed attitude, but I am learning that as long as I get truly focused for a few seconds before each shot, I can be relaxed the other 96% of the time that I am at the golf course. I feel like I am really starting to get a grip on this concept.

I am very excited for this week's tournament. I am going to be focused AND relaxed. I tee it up at 8:27 on the tenth tee at Irish Creek in Wednesday's first round. Come back daily for reports from the rounds. Thank you so much for keeping up with me!

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