Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good Week Except for My Scores

I am equal parts encouraged and disappointed following the final round of this week's Egolf event--the Southern Open at The Club at Irish Creek. I am encouraged because I had a great week. From my preparation at home last weekend to my two practice rounds on Monday and Tuesday and right on through the first three rounds of the tournament, I was really pumped about everything. My mindset was great, my game felt really good, and I was really happy with the work that I was putting in off of the golf course as well. The disappointment comes from the fact that my scores just weren't very good this week. Playing in benign weather conditions on a golf course that has a number of birdie holes, I managed just 14 birdies all week and, despite carding only five bogeys during the 72-hole event, I was never in contention on the weekend and finished in the middle of the field. A three-birdie, two-bogey effort in the final round netted me a another round of 70 on Irish Creek's par-71 layout. My game is in great shape, but I couldn't seem to get anything going this week. I really am disappointed because I feel like I am playing well enough to have competed for a victory this week, but I think the feelings of encouragement are even stronger because I know that my game is in shape for great things moving forward.

I will play in another Egolf event next week at a course called River Landing in Wallace, NC. This is a first-time venue for the Egolf Tour, so it will be exciting to check out a new spot. I have had great practice during this week's event, but I need to do another hour of short game work on Sunday in order to complete all of my practice goals for the week. I'm not certain that I will have a facility on which to complete my work, but I'm going to try to make it happen. My game is close to being great, and I just need to keep sharpening all areas.

Keep it here for more news as I wrap up a good week of work and head farther east in North Carolina for next week's event. Exciting opportunities are coming up, and I am still improving. Thank you for following me and for all of your support. It means a lot to have so many people pulling for me!

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