Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lessons from Round 1

I played really well in the first round of this week's Egolf tournament at St. James Plantation, but I uncharacteristically lost control of my emotions, and it cost me a lot of shots. I guess I began the round with high expectations because I was on edge from my very first missed shot. I birdied 5 of the first 11 holes, but allowed some stupid mistakes off of the tee and around the greens to rattle me and stumbled my way to lousy first-round score of 74. My game is better than that, and I should have easily shot a better score than that today, but I failed to get myself committed to a good plan on a lot of shots today, and I suffered a lot of bogeys and a really bad double bogey because of it. I wasn't my normal relaxed, happy-go-lucky self on the course today, and that was disappointing.

The good news is I know that my game is good, and I learned from today's round. Tomorrow I will be much more focused on each shot and will trust my game to deliver good results. And I will do a lot of Smiling! I play at the Reserve Course tomorrow, and I feel like I can put together a really solid round on that demanding layout. Come back here for some good news following the round! Also check out the full results at:

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